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The healthcare industry has been growing rapidly at a faster phase. This has been an industry where it has been extremely slow while adopting new technologies in the market. The digital era has led to outreach in the industry evolving at $206 billion by the year 2020. Many leading companies have redefined themselves in the digital transformation. There are companies that have changed the facet of industries. They have gone on to implement a customer-oriented approach.

They have gone on to keep a keen eye on what the industry would require. The trends have gone on to showcase themselves as…

Stakeholder Interview — Pattem Digital

Are you at the start of your UX project trying to draw some useful insights from your clients? But are you also unsure about how to start building a relationship with them to extract some priceless information? Then stakeholder interviews can be the right deal! It’s a formal process that lets you execute a successful build with some first-hand research tools for your great UX design. It’s as exciting as it sounds but certainly binds you to some challenges. …

SAP — Pattem Digital

Finding a job as a fresher is not always as daunting as it sounds, but not easy-breezy too. With a freshly churned college degree and a host of companies in the market, you do not know where your “fresher resume” fits. Just like any other job the same applies to SAP consultants as well. Even if you are not really aware of what SAP consultants do, you might have surely heard them being moneymakers worth gold.

It’s not wrong to pick a career with a huge salary prospect but you’ll be only eligible for “fresher-specific” SAP roles which have very…

React Native — Pattem Digital

Why should you migrate to React Native for Android’s latest version?

We all have knowledge on how React Native is the best choice for Android. It has also taken the Mobile App Development industry to the next level. This is applicable for those which are technologically inclined. You can see that the programming language belonging to any framework would highly influence every developer. The major reason why React Native for iOS has increased in its popularity is Javascript. Adding to this, Facebook’s initialization would make the React Native App Development Framework to reach the top spot. Creating the code for React Native for iOS is possible upto 92 percent.

MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack — Pattem Digital

Difference between Full-stack vs MEAN stack vs MERN stack

While there has been a lot of debate over choosing the right ‘stack’ meant to handle all your custom software application development requirements, it’s time for us to let the people know which stacks would suit the project well. You should also know what all these stacks would mean for every project you are going to handle as well as their benefits. Before moving into all those stages, we have to understand the roots of the stack concept entirely. …

Accelerated Mobile Pages — Pattem Digital

What do you mean by Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has a plethora of benefits it can offer in terms of SEO. The major one is its “fast” label designation on your search engine result pages. The next one would be the ranking factor. Since it is relatively new, users still feel cloudy while thinking about what Google AMP framework is. They need to possess a clear understanding to get rid of the myths and focus on the facts. So let’s move on to the core factors of accelerated mobile pages for WordPress.

What do you mean by AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is nothing but an open-source coding standard that every…

Ruby vs Python — Pattem Digital

Why is Ruby on Rails still a Good choice in 2020?

Every year, welcome across predictions depicting the death of RoR. It is not true. RoR still has a long way to go. With more than a dozen use cases, RoR acts as the best fit in comparison to any other tools.

Ruby on Rails revolutionized the web developer world

We can see what Ruby on Rails has been written using Ruby. It is nothing but a general-purpose, dynamic programming language. There are many non-developers and entrepreneurs who often confuse RoR and Ruby. In a way, there is a lot more to go with regards to Ruby vs Python performance. …

Business Process Automation — Pattem Digital

How is Robotic Process Automation in Contact Centers improving Customer Experience and Driving Profitability?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has played a major role in automating every process in contact centers. They have gone on to improve the overall customer experience who are used to waiting and hustling amidst different processes.

Angular Ivy — Pattem Digital

Why Ivy in Angular?

Ivy has the ability to improve your application architecture in comparison to different Angular versions. It paves way for application enhancements in the following ways:

  • Ivy converts your Angular applications into a simple, fast and small version
  • It goes on to reduce the bundle size upto 30%
  • It can accelerate app compilation and building
  • It has the ability to handle much smarter recompilation which would result in around 40–50% compilation reduction.
  • It can improve the overall internationalization speed.
  • It can tweak the application build times while enabling AOT by default
  • It can offer faster and better testing.
  • It can improve…

Retail industry in India — Pattem Digital

Retail industry trends that revolutionized the world

Technology has been revolutionizing the way business is conducted across the globe. Many industries have gone on to change the way they were handling the business. They would be engaging technology to handle all their archaic requirements in the upcoming days. Technology is going to play an extremely crucial role for people who wish to make a mark in the retail industry. The retail industry might seem extremely tricky in the upcoming days. Technology has gone on to handle many hurdles coming up from the retail business. …

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