Beginner’s guide: How to become the best AEM expert?

Beginner’s guide: How to become the best AEM expert?

Introduction to AEM development

AEM is not your day-to-day website building tool. It is more than that. It provides aesthetically pleasing, efficient and robust features to separate yourself from your competitors.

Understanding AEM and building the best AEM website is as challenging as building a difficult product within a short time. You need to get a grip on the technology before you start exploring the most awaited methodologies. To become that in-demand, most wanted or industry-adored AEM developer, you need to inculcate certain practices that would differentiate you from average developers. What are they?

Here we have mentioned the AEM development best practices to follow. If you are going to start implementing this, you would not only gain knowledge but would know the sure-fire ways to succeed in your AEM attempts. What are the best methods to sustain in the industry in the long-term? We have listed a few of them over here.

What do the developers’ community say?

What do the developers’ community say?

According to an AEM expert in the official forum, the AEM Docs would not teach you about the entire process. It is just your beginning in the long journey of AEM. They are going to help you learn more features like how to upload your assets, set app permissions and authoring tasks. The official AEM community would hold plenty of other information that you need to get used to. Being active over there would let you know the AEM development best practices. With over 200 AEM HELPX articles, you can learn how to perform different use cases.

Trying your hands to get certified in AEM is also the best way to leave your mark. The industry considers an AEM expert with certification to be an asset. Though it is not a smoothie ride to gain your certificate, you can gain immense knowledge in the process. This would help you to sustain in the heat, cold and spring of the market while you follow the AEM development best practices.

You can also register yourself in the solution partner website to start learning effectively. This way, you can understand what the problem statements your industry faces. Spending time in Scott’s Digital Community is also the best hack to excel in AEM related concepts.

If you want to become an AEM developer, you should put in extra time and effort to learn. There is no shortcut to it. Possessing deeper technical knowledge is a must to get recognized among industry experts.

Here is the list of subjects you should get to know:

  • You should learn front end tools like HTML, CSS and Javascript. You should know about the usage of HTL and JSP.
  • Learning deployment of AEM code is also vital.
  • Get to know how sling works and how dialogue configuration happens with Granite components.
  • Learn more about CRX on nodes, permissions, structures and storage of items.
  • Even if you are going to involve in front end development, sound knowledge of AEM consoles is mandatory.

Common tips to AEM

At Pattem Digital, we do have our engineering team working day and night to deliver the best solutions. If you are going to ask them on how you can excel in your skillset, this is what they have to say:

For understanding AEM, there is no exception to trial and error methodologies. You learn when you experiment, make mistakes, dust yourself and wake up.

  • Try working on real-time projects to build a great portfolio. Your portfolio should speak volumes of your expertise. Build it like chiselling a raw stone!
  • If you are going to look out for job change or new opportunities, prepare yourself to answer the questions in an effective manner. Take time to look back on what you have learnt so far.
  • Be active on forums like Github. That would help you keep up with the industry trends. Contribute to the community and receive what other developers have to offer you. You get global support from these AEM folks.
  • Do not give up when you get exhausted! Keep learning!

Why should you join Pattem Digital?

Why should you join Pattem Digital?

At Pattem Digital, we are working on building exciting projects. That would give you more exposure to enhancing your skillset. If you are going to restart your exploration in AEM, then you are at the right spot. We follow the best practices for Adobe experience manager to swipe the feet of our customers.

Our team believes in the policy- work hard and play hard. We focus on quality, team spirit and energetic working mode.

If you feel that this team is for you, apply today at our job portal! We are here to support you immensely if you are passionate to learn and grow!




PattemDigital is a new-age Outsource Product Development studio. We make cutting-edge Data Science, AI & Machine Learning solutions for global companies.

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Pattem Digital

Pattem Digital

PattemDigital is a new-age Outsource Product Development studio. We make cutting-edge Data Science, AI & Machine Learning solutions for global companies.

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