Busting the myths of working at product-based companies like a Pattem Digital

Working at a product-based company comes forward with a number of challenges. If you are a part of the product-based companies, you need to be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Wait, wait…

You might have probably come across such theories or heard about them from a number of people. While some of them might be true, not everything you hear is going to be true. You need to remember that not every product-based company works the same way. Some companies might demand your complete dedication. Some might require you to work offshore. It all depends on the type of company and products you are going to work for. There are many companies that might allow you to work from home. Before you get into any workplace, you need to understand the type of workplace it is. When you are working at product-based companies, you have a whole lot of things to consider. Before that, you need to remember the myths surrounding product-based companies. Only then would you be able to sustain in this ever-growing competition and work efficiently.

You work on only one project forever

In this tough market phase, you are not going to work on a single project. It’s time for you to develop the best marketing and business strategies to promote a wide range of products. If you are working at a product-based startup, you are going to be a part of a number of products. You get an opportunity to work on a number of full-stack development languages. It is going to improve your learning skills like never before.

You should be graduating from top-notch B-schools

Not every product based company is going to care for your degree anymore. There would be companies that would look for graduates and non-graduates who have not even completed their school. Many companies would happily recruit school drop-outs if they possess the expected skillset.

You don’t have a work-life balance

Time management is an essential art that you need to learn in this 21st century. If you are able to manage your time, you can easily maintain your work-life balance and handle your extra-curricular activities. To be frank, there are which would require you to work 2 hours sincerely and spend the rest of your time on other projects. It all depends on the project and the product you are assigned.

You get less salary but do more work

Trust us, product companies like Google are the ones paying their workforce with the highest salary. You get to enjoy the best pay with a lot of challenging work. Your work has to challenge your intuitiveness and decision-making capabilities. It is only at product-based companies that you get this experience.

Product company are meant for only coders and developers

When we speak about a product company, people would recognize the so-called techies and product guys with big spectacles, headphone and iPhones. The product development company can host a number of departments and motivate them to work towards their goal. A content writer, graphic designer, UX Designer or a digital marketing specialist could have a great scope in the product-based companies.

Don’t miss the chance when you get an opportunity to work with the product-based companies.

Why Pattem Digital?

If you want to experience the best work culture, Pattem Digital would be the best place to start. You can work on a number of projects under different categories. You get to work with bigger names in the industry. Talk to us if you are looking for new opportunities.



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