Designing Interactive Prototype For A Better User Experience

Introduction of UX Design

“Design is intelligence made visible.” — Alina Wheeler, author

Whenever you buy a product, you have multitudes of expectations on what you are opting for. Would it be simple to use? Would it serve your purpose? How fast can you accomplish your tasks using the product?- These are some of the questions you might have in your mind depending on the product in hand. To answer these underlying questions, a UX designer has to put a lot of effort to figure out how they can make your product usable, interactive and effective.

A UX designer is someone who solves the user problems candidly through the way he designs your product. Here U stands for “User” and X stands for “Experience”. When we say Experience, it is the interaction your user is going to have with your product. They can research the user needs, work on it continuously and test it to see that it is in sync with the industry requirements.

This term was coined by Don Norman, whom we can also call as the “Don” of UX Design.

Why UX Designers matter in 2019

UX Design is all about putting your user. Nowadays, irrespective of startups or MNCs, everybody has started investing in the User Experience Design. The UX designers are known to make this world a very user-friendly place. This is how they add tremendous value to your business:

  • These people focus on offering a meaningful and worthy experience to users.

Your UX Design is the inner layer of your entire website, where you determine the basic structure whereas UI Design speaks loudly about the look and feel of your website.

Let’s have a glance at what processes would come into play with UX Design:

Research: Establish connect with different teams to learn A-Z about the product and user requirements simultaneously.

Conceptualize: You might get a plethora of ideas when you research. All you need to do is draft a proper plan of the concept that has occupied your mind.

Design: The ideas they evolve should make complete sense. For this, the design is the foremost requirement.

Test: Does the idea apply in the real world? The UX Designer should test the hot waters.

At the final stage, it is all about building user satisfaction.

What is Interactive Prototyping?

Let’s say you want to design a website. Your designer forgets to add a link to the payment page, which is quite crucial. It is the heart of your website where you handle all the basic payment activities. Your developer takes the pain to deliver the website exactly as your designer directs. But alas! On the launching day, you realize the blunder. The purpose of the website is hanging midair, isn’t it? That could lead to a huge loss. To avoid all this commotion, you have to go with designing an interactive prototype.

An interactive prototype is a method by which you design the skeleton of your website before you hand it over to your developer. Your developer would work on this prototype day and night to deliver the final version in-live.

What are the benefits of Interactive Prototyping?

Get closure on how Interactive prototyping saves trillions of dollars every year:

  • With interactive prototypes, you can visualize how your website will look directly, without having to reimagine.

Your little efforts would matter more to sustaining your product users. If they have a good experience over your product, they are more likely to come back to you. The word of mouth would spread. The traffic and conversion rate is going to hike up incredibly. This would impact greatly on your Search Engine Optimization.

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This term was coined by Don Norman, whom we can also call as the “Don” of UX Design.

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