The Beginner’s Guide to Android app development

The Beginner’s Guide to Android app development — Pattem Digital

Why get started with Android app development?

Android development is one of the most preferred career options among students. These developers get to enjoy working on the latest technologies in the world of mobile apps. They are extremely lucky to get this opportunity to work on the leading market trends. Why is Android App development the current swag? Some of the reasons could be the outpour of apps. Some apps have changed the way we handle our daily life. Some gaming apps have got us addicted. Some of them have turned us into a disciplined person (Thanks to those incredible health apps!).

What is the scope of Android app development?

If you aspire to be an Android app, you have to be incredibly happy with how mobile phones are coming up with updates every year. The icing on the cake is that India holds second place for internet users next to China. We can expect it to accelerate soon. With smartphones come smart apps. With these many requirements for android app developers, you need to be extremely smart enough, like your smartphones and understand the industry trends.

How to kickstart your Android app development learning journey?

If you want to be the best Android developer your company would never love to lose, these are the things you can do, as suggested by our engineering team:

Be a regular visitor of Android Website:

Be a regular visitor of Android Website — Pattem Digital

Make sure that you regularly visit the Android developer forums and website. It is very much necessary to go through the entire website to understand what it is all about. When you read those trends, you will get to know what is happening in the industry in real-time. Even though you are quite familiar with the industry front, you will get more insights if you follow the website on a daily basis.

Get active on GitHub:

While you are coding, you might not be entirely aware of the credibility of your work. When you are on GitHub, you can collaborate with different teams and integrate on multiple platforms. The community can review your code and offer you promising ideas to improve yourself. Since the platform practices open source methodologies, you would be able to fast track your learning curve.

Connect with experts on LinkedIn:

Connect with experts on LinkedIn — Pattem Digital

LinkedIn is an adobe for professionals. You can find various groups, posts and articles by Android experts over there. Why not connect with them and clarify your questions? Why not learn what’s new in technology from them? That would help you in the long-run when you make effective connections, isn’t it?

Work on disruptive projects:

Work on disruptive projects — Pattem Digital

You don’t want to work on projects that are of your college standards. You have to work on prominent projects that your industry looks forward to eagerly. Try building apps on your own, with your own ideas. That would give you a lot of scope in the upcoming future.

Practice, practice and practice

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

Aristotle, The Nicomachean Ethics

How long has it been since you coded last? If it was 2 hours back or less, that’s fine. If it has been a while, then it’s time for you to dust your coding skills and revitalize it. Remember, practice makes you perfect. It is high time for you to practice working on your android codes. That would give you a tight grip.

Never give up:

Did you get any bugs? Exhausted at the outcome of your App? Got to work more? Don’t give up. Just don’t give up. As per our predictions, Android technology is here to stay for at least 30 years. You just need to strive hard to excel technically.

Let’s conclude it

Coding is all about reinventing a new technique that could change the world. By keeping yourself busy on the Android website, getting more active on GitHub, connecting with more experts and practising daily, you can reach the zenith.

At Pattem Digital, we are always on the lookout for the best Android developers in the market. If you are confident that you are the one, or willing to mould yourself as a compatible Android developer, never hesitate to apply!

Our team would be happy to guide you! You would never be on the bench or stagnate! We have our in-house projects that is set to disrupt certain industries. You will be working with leading players in the market, including startups that have shown 1000x growth and fortune 500 companies.

Send your resume now!




PattemDigital is a new-age Outsource Product Development studio. We make cutting-edge Data Science, AI & Machine Learning solutions for global companies.

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Pattem Digital

Pattem Digital

PattemDigital is a new-age Outsource Product Development studio. We make cutting-edge Data Science, AI & Machine Learning solutions for global companies.

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