Welcome to the world of DevOps!

Do you identify yourself as a developer with an idea to shift base your career? Have you been trained on Ops and now willing to expand your learning curve to developer? Or, are you just curious? Whatever it could be, if you have spent more time working with DevOps, then you would know more about this technology. Read on to know how to become the best DevOps engineer.

Reading this article would let you know the challenges and learning curve involved in DevOps.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is the way through which you can deliver your final software product with more pain and responsibilities.

This would mean that the developers who are going to create your software would have credits that were quite different from various operations.

As a developer, you would require to add different new features. As a person belonging to the operational side, you would not require that since changes can turn out to be risky.

To deal with the incentive misalignment, DevOps came into picture.

The goal of DevOps is to combine development and operations together into a single group. One group might get into sharing the responsibilities and the other might require you to create, deploy and generate more revenue from different customer-related software.

The ultimate aim of DevOps is to build different digital pipelines. This would take your code from your developer’s system to revenue generation.

As a career choice, you would be grateful that DevOps is highly suitable. Since every companies are either into DevOps or claiming that they are into it, it is advisable to check different job opportunities.

DevOps is all about how you deliver the software.

What is the foundation behind DevOps?

The first layer of DevOps would involve you learning all the basic steps involved in it. The second layer would add more depth to your research. If you can master these two layers, you are all set to start your DevOps journey.

How do you master DevOps?

Mastering DevOps is quite simple if you can learn the tools, practice on it daily and work on real-time projects. This would help you to establish yourself in the market.

Get a grip on the tools

The first step to get into DevOps would be to master Linux. Python would require ongoing practice to stay on the current trend. If you wish to master on cloud, AWS is the best option to learn and build your portfolio. Python would be the next choice of learning if you want to build back-end servers. This language is also a hot cake if you are moving on to AI.

Be tech-savvy

Learn more about cloud storage

Learning more about cloud related stuffs would be of great help to you. That would help you to develop more knowledge on the topic. With AWS, you can learn more about cloud and other topics.

Spend more time. Put more efforts

If you can spend on an average 4–6 hours in a day, then that would allow you to establish your base more strongly. This can put you on the top of the learning curve.

Practice makes you picture perfect

Nothing can beat the confidence you get when you practice on topics in real-time. That would be of greater use if you can keep practicing on various topics in a planned manner.

Set a target and work

Working on different topics would require more expertise. If you are going to work, then that would mean you needing to plan how you are going to work. Set a monthly target on different topics. Go ahead of it!


If you are a DevOps engineer or aspiring to be a DevOps engineer, you have to start working in a more disciplined manner. This would ensure that you are on the right track. Being a DevOps engineer is all about understanding how technology evolves. Put efforts to get to know that!

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Join us in this enthralling journey to understand how the world of DevOps functions!



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