Why do you need Android App development?

Why do you need Android Apps?

There is a study that has been carried out successfully by the GMC. It has been seen that as of 2011, over 30% of doctors have been using a mobile app. As of today, the number has increased to 83%.

As per a report by the Research2Guidance, the mobile health app services would be reaching over $26 billion by the year 2017. You can see that topmost mHealth publishers have been found responsible to hold above 3 million free as well as 300,000 paid downloads in the US on your App Store with the help of Android Mobile App Development. Over 97.000 apps have been found in a number of app markets. Majority of these are health and fitness apps through which users can track the health parameters, getting insightful stuff about the fitness level with android application development. Fitness mania has got everyone, from children to elders, off guard. Many folks have started using fitness apps to get into shape, and tone down their muscles and remain fit and healthy. Many elderly people have also started viewing health apps as their priority.

This is absolutely the right time when you can go on and develop the best mobile health application. Mobile app development works on how you want the app to perform, and as per your preference in Android Mobile App Development.

These are the top practices to consider while building your mobile app with android application development for the healthcare industry:

1. Target hardware

As an app developer, your target would be more than one platform. The way any smartphone user would interact with a mobile app is in contrast with the way your app would interact on your tablet. Hence you should take care of all these factors with mobile app development.

2. Interoperability

With cloud technology, interoperability becomes an easier factor. Many hospitals are still relying upon traditional hosting services. You can even involve standalone software installation for getting rid of the costly budget in cloud hosting with mobile app development.

3. Considering UI/UX

The design of your app is of primary importance. It should be easy for everybody to use. Every patient has to be able to fill all the appointments and medical records in a simple manner. Getting access to the staff details should not be a tough job with Android App Development.

4. API components

An application programming interface (API) is a tool, process or routine to execute any specified interaction or task with the software module. Advertisers and social media apps use API. You might also require extra APIs from your vendors and suppliers.

5. Develop the app in an iterative manner

App iterations happen in an interactive manner over all the software and apps. You should follow more Agile programming methods to let developers deliver better codes. It is good to develop and practice agile development in a better manner with Android App Development. App development can happen in the best manner if you involve the right practices into the picture. Less code, more quality products- This has been the recent trend. Everyone has started relying upon the best app development companies to get their dream app rolling in the market. This has to go hand-in-hand by involving the right practices in the market.

6. Data security

Data security has been a concern for all the app developers in recent times. MVP would let you get better customer feedback. Being complacent would not help at any mobile app development stage. You should be in a position to take customer feedback seriously and act accordingly with Android App Development. With Android App development, you need not worry about data security issues. It would all take place in a better manner if you involve the right team support.

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