Why Does Your Sitecore Website Perform So Badly

What you should do to improve your Sitecore performance?

Sitecore websites should not take more time to load. If that is not having, there is some roadblock in the development process. If you find the Sitecore implementation going through performance issues, you need to address it immediately with the help of the best Sitecore development companies. Getting an appreciation worthy Sitecore development is not rocket science. You need not wonder more about why the code is performing badly. The problem is with the “code” itself. While speaking about the code, it means code iteration involving a number of items than needed.

When you iterate a number of items

Once upon a time, we used to see many calls to descendants when the solutions made use of axis, Sitecore Query and xpath. This trend is no more in practice due to the introduction of Sitecore Search in Sitecore 7. This does not translate itself to any less bad code. Using abstractions and ORM would mean that different code layers could hide item iterations easily. None of the two patterns or technologies is of bad condition. They are known to provide a source to hide your “bad code”. It is always necessary to have a look at the number of iterated items. Avoid relying on caching to complete the task.

You don’t maintain the Sitecore databases properly

Majority of the functionalities of Sitecore depends on MSSQL indexes directly. When you want to load your site quickly, you need to maintain and upgrade the indexes regularly. You need to do it regularly. Without maintaining your indexes, you would be capable of expecting a really slow Sitecore website. When you are not maintaining it regularly, the indexes would become more fragmented. It is going to take more time for Sitecore to get back your data. This time would lead to a damn slow site experience causing your visitors to move on.

You don’t optimize your images to load fast

If some of the pages are not loading fast, then you are supposed to check the size of the images to ensure optimization. When you are loading smaller size images, you need to make sure you compress it or make use of a CDN. Image optimization is an area you need to focus on.

You are using an old hosting environment

The capability of your Sitecore website is similar to your hosting environment. With outdated hosting environments, you come across a few Sitecore website issues. The hosting environment may not be compatible with your website traffic requirements. You might not have proper instances deployed, or there might not be enough CPUs left to handle the traffic.

Your hosting environment should offer sufficient support to hold back your traffic load. If these issues are not sorted out, then you can run into troubles.
If you are using physical hardware, you are supposed to use the right SQL Server version to get your traffic requirements intact. Very often, you can come across different teams trying to reduce the costs of SQL Server Enterprise. They are going to possess no CPU or system RAM limitations. You can still maintain the optimal website performance.

Your Sitecore developer isn’t the one who follows the latest trends

Your Sitecore developer should not hesitate to follow the best industrial practices. It is when people do not follow these practices that things do not go well. Make sure to choose the developer who can handle all these requirements at ease.

Why choose Pattem Digital for Sitecore development?

With Pattem Digital, your Sitecore development requirements are covered under a single roof. We would be able to decomplex all these processes and put them under a single box.
Working along with Pattem Digital would act as a milestone in your career. We offer round the clock support.
We make sure that you get served all day round. We would put more efforts to ensure that we cover all your requirements from documentation to maintenance.
Let us know your requirements. We are here to offer you guidance tentatively.



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