Why it’s just amazing to be a graphic designer

Why it’s just amazing to be a graphic designer — Pattem Digital

Bright hues, glittering designs and creative patterns…These are among the most beautiful parts of a graphic designer’s life. You get to create designs that stick with your audience for a long time. Research shows that an average person is bound to get distracted in eight seconds. Just 2.8 seconds is sufficient to distract a person completely.

To gain your audience’s attention, you need to put some extra efforts in terms of your design demands. Whenever the social media post or blog is out, your audience would not look into the texts. They are going to notice what fonts you have used, what image colour you have added and only such details. They are going to look further only when the design is appealing. In a nutshell, you guys are the initial goal setters for your brand.

Which graphic designing tools you should be knowing about?

If you are into graphic designing, you need to know more about the trending tools. Some tools might suit your workplace better than the other. With the right set of graphic designing tools, you can set colourful waves flowing in the minds of your audience. That is definitely going to impact your brand positively.

7 Graphic Designing Tools you should be knowing about:

Whether you are a pro or an expert, you need to use the right tools. Yes, tools would not define your expertise. Sometimes, all you need is a piece of paper and pencil to create that dashing logo or art and craft. Yet, while working as a team, you need to make sure that you get your job done. To ensure that it happens, we have listed a set of the best design tools to set you on sail:

  • Adobe Photoshop: Nobody can deny the tremendous impact this tool can produce. You can capture your audience attention through those captivating visuals. Want to adjust your clarity, tone and colour? Photoshop can do that for you. When you want to manipulate the image and make it more powerful, Photoshop does that exceptionally. Photoshop is known to be the most powerful and critically acclaimed image editing tool in the market. Your expertise doesn’t matter with Photoshop. Anybody can start working on it from day 1 of their career.
  • Adobe Illustrator:
Adobe Illustrator — Pattem doigital
  • Do you want to create awesome vector arts? You can do it with Illustrator. Making creative logos, typography that attracts your audience, sketches and illustrations can be done the right way with illustrator. With Illustrator, you can create your own unique designs that are going to set your brand value soaring. Doesn’t it seem interesting? You can either manipulate the images or create everything from scratch. With illustrator by your side, you are going to create the most compelling illustrations.
  • Procreate: With the cutting-edge tools and quite an easy-to-use layout, Procreate is known to have made a dent in the market. You can choose this app to quickly wrap up your day.
  • Animaker: Do you want to use a variety of animated characters, BGs, charts, icons and maps to strengthen your creative bones in video making? Are you looking for something instant? If that’s the case, you should start using Animaker. This app is ideal for presentations, businesses, freelancing and personal projects.
  • Canva:
Canva — Pattem Digital
  • This simplified graphic design tool offers a drag-and-drop format. You get access to different vector images, photographs, fonts and graphics. You don’t need to be a designer to use it. You can be a doctor, engineer, developer, chef or mother. We can use this tool for website and print media designs.
  • Befonts: Everybody wants to use a unique font to ramp out of the crowd. At this place, you get the best fonts for free. You can use it for personal or commercial purpose. You get access to the best script types including professional sans serif font.
  • Pablo: Pablo is another widely used tool, created by Buffer. You can build and share your custom images on Instagram Share. With Pablo, you can schedule your posts straight away to Facebook as well as Twitter and understand how far your image is circulating. There are additional enhancements such as new layouts, text design and styles with more inspirational quotes.

Why should you join Pattem Digital?

Do you have that creative knack to solve new industry challenges? Would you be interested to expand your creative boundaries by working with an all-rounder team? Would you like to join a team of passionate people with multi-lingual collaboration? If all these factors match your interest level, you are free to join our team as a graphic designer.

If you feel that we can work together over a beer or foosball, you can talk to us. Our team would be glad to help you.

We are a team belonging to the fast-growing multi-product outsourcing company with exceptional skillset. We are working on many exciting projects. We are also working with the lord of design tools directly. When you join Pattem Digital, the opportunity you are going to get is something unimaginable.

Interested to apply? Send your portfolio or CV to work@pattemdigital.com




PattemDigital is a new-age Outsource Product Development studio. We make cutting-edge Data Science, AI & Machine Learning solutions for global companies.

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Pattem Digital

Pattem Digital

PattemDigital is a new-age Outsource Product Development studio. We make cutting-edge Data Science, AI & Machine Learning solutions for global companies.

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