Why Kotlin for Android Apps? The 8 unbelievable benefits

Introduction to Kotlin

Kotlin is an advanced programming language which can be the best alternative to Java. It is known to reduce the number of boilerplate codes. This programming language is safer than any other languages. You can avoid the entire error classes and those which are similar to null point exceptions.

When you are using Kotlin, you know you are going to get the complete benefits of this platform. It is far simpler to use than Java coding. You can write your Java code and look into the stuff. With the help of a few IDEs, you can convert your Java code to Kotlin.

Perks of using Kotlin

Kotlin comes with a list of benefits for your business. Let’s have a look at some of them:

More interoperable

Interoperability is one of the core features in Kotlin. With Kotlin, you can make use of the existing libraries meant for Android, JVM and the browser. This platform is also quite suitable with any Java IDE built from the command line.

This compiled, statically typed language might hold some initial troubles in store for people with a few setbacks for people using interpreted, dynamic Python. Kotlin is compatible with various platforms. The code will be interoperable with the biggest Java library. Compared to Java, Kotlin offers you with a wide range of benefits.

More community support

Compared to Scala, Kotlin consists of a more detailed and simplified documentation process. It also provides better support in IntelliJ. You can learn the entire language with the documentation and the IDE. Not just that, Kotlin is powered by a huge community of developers looking forward to inspiring as many folks as possible. They would be right there to answer all your questions.

More Standard Library

Kotlin holds the best library. The library of Java is quite weaker compared to Kotlin. You do not need any external library to check your daily task such as checking if the string is blank or copying different streams. This is not just all about Kotlin.

It consists of more complex collections API. This would define the most needed extension functions on different default types. The developer would be left with the option to add his own functions through extensions. This article would be an excellent choice to learn more about Kotlin.

Language with more features

When you are migrating from Java to Kotlin, you are not going to come across any other programming language with more awesome features. It holds many features like extension functions, null-safety and more catchy concurrency features. These are the features making the language more user-friendly.

Kotlin is quite intuitive

In addition to the amazing library and the feature-rich atmosphere, Kotlin is known for its intuitive approach. On a frequent basis, you may require to perform a few actions and have a look at the suggested IDEs of the existing functions. Then you would know that the function you defined would already be present.

With functions, you can declare different variables they hold, keep passing them around and then return different functions from various other functions. You can find lambdas in different Kotlin codebase. They could either be directly passed or undeclared. They find their usage in Kotlin standard library as well.

Amplified functional style

It is undeniable that Kotlin is new, light, expressive, concise and consists of a number of features. This is what separates it from Java. When Java is the go-to language for every Android developer, Kotlin would act as the one-stop language for every application.

The versatility of Kotlin is the most famous thing. Kotlin faces the challenge of requiring a better compiler, proper integration with the already present infrastructure. Kotlin could be compatible with every Java libraries and frameworks. It can also integrate well with Gradle and Marven build systems. This is the reason why it has more enhanced run-time environment.

Best productivity mantra is here

With enhanced features, Kotlin can boost up your productivity level with more features like object declarations, extension functions and parameter values. It can tweak your app performance, get acquitted with functional concepts the way it should and possess proper function types. This would help you to stay a step ahead.

It Has Null in Its Type System

Kotlin is fire-proof of nullability issues, unlike Java. Kotlin has the ability to address every issue by placing the null pointers at the right system. Finally, you can get rid of this well-known defect.

The deal between you, Kotlin and Pattem Digital

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