Why should you go for Staff Augmentation?

Why should you go for Staff Augmentation?

Working on a project as a team is tiring, if the supply is less than the demand. What do you mean by this supply and the demand? Here, when we say supply, we mean the total resources. The demand is the end product. The resources could be your external team, project management heads-up and the total budget or funding for your project. To avoid these factors, it is better if you opt for staff augmentation.

Wait! Does staff augmentation include letting a team of strangers work on your project, without any terms and conditions? That’s just the misconception in the industry.

When you are going to indulge in staff augmentation, choosing the right staff augmentation company is essential. This would secure your project and ensure that there are no loopholes in the process. Companies experiencing a constant shift in their business process can choose this method.

At Pattem Digital, we see staff augmentation as a way to scale up your business to greater heights. We act as your extended team. With the strict NDAs and documents, we are going to sign, you can stay assured that confidentiality is given preference.

Staff Augmentation is the best way to speed up your production process. It has different advantages over other methods. If you are choosing Staff Augmentation, make sure that it suits your business model. If not, it is not going to prove fruitful. Contact a team of consultants to determine if it is suitable for your business. Staff augmentation benefits are numerous!

These are the reasons why you should opt for Staff Augmentation: -

No more office politics: — “At the very least, workplace gossip is unproductive” noted Beth Weissenberger in her famous “Bloomberg BusinessWeek” column. With Staff Augmentation, you are not going to face any office politics since most of the staffs would hold a temporary position in their cubicle. No hidden games. No Old Boys Club. You work in a more closed atmosphere where people prefer to mind their tasks with more focus and broader view. You are not going to face any difficulties with respect to your team.

The control is in your hand:

You can retain your control over the skillset and experience you require from your temporary staffs. You need not train them since they are already well-versed with what they are doing. It is only after initial screening that you are going to hire the folks for a limited period of time.

Scale-up your business fastly: -

Scale-up your business fastly: -

Your business has to grow, in real-time. If the project is going to get delayed and training consumes much time, then improving your team and reaching the next level would be extremely hard. The best way to let your business blossom is to concentrate on one project at a particular time.

Overhead costs get reduced: — You are going to pay for what you demand. When you are working with your in-house team, you have to plan your budget in 360°. You would not have that leisurely time set to decide on your costing and budgeting. Significantly reducing your labour overhead costs would increase the demand for your business.

Executing the operational efficiency well: — With staff augmentation, the efficiency of the process is going to increase at an incredible rate. The best way to succeed in your business is to put your 200% effort at a time on a particular project, without any distractions. This way, you are going to guarantee that you are moving on the right track. Your business folks would admire you. You can get ahead of the competition in an effective manner.

Meet deadlines faster: -

Meet deadlines faster: -

If you are going to work on a project, the deadline would be around nearby. That’s unavoidable. Deadlines should motivate you to go forward, rather than frustrate you. It should tend to push you further to achieve your goals. With staff augmentation, you have an extra pair of hands coordinating with you as extended teams. This way, you would know that the job would be done faster.

More visibility: — Management would be able to get a binocular view of what is happening in the project front. While taking primary decisions, they would not need to keep expecting for updates or worry about lack of updates.

Our team at Pattem Digital would send the best talents to empower your business. These technocrats can build the product with accurate expertise with hawkeye approach on the best market methodologies. They never compromise on the quality at any time. Hence you get to work with bright minds and sharply focused folks.

If you are into development and looking out for fresh opportunities in the market, then never hesitate to give us a call. We are on the constant lookout for new talents to join our team.

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